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How Do I Teach My Child to Brush Her Teeth?

January 25, 2019 Dentistry

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We know that parenting isn’t easy. We also know that one of the toughest tasks a parent faces is teaching a child, especially a young child, how to brush their teeth. We see many children at Capitol Dental and we want to do everything we can to help you, Mom and Dad, get your children to learn great dental hygiene habits at an early age so that they don’t have preventable problems as they grow up.

What do we suggest? First, we suggest not making a big deal out of brushing teeth, and by that we mean, your highest achievable goal is to come to the end of the brushing session with no tears or heightened emotions. You may have expectations about what your child should do, but forcing them into a bad situation may lead them to experience a fear of dental hygiene, even going to the dentist, and we don’t want that. Relax and realize you’re not ruining their future dental health if they don’t get the hang of it after a couple of weeks. Second, take your child to the store with you and let them help you pick out the brush and toothpaste they want to use. Let them have some ownership over their dental health. Tell your child that clean teeth are important to you and you want them to join you in caring for their teeth. Third, brush with them. Get a stool, let your child stand on it next to you, look into the mirror together, and get to brushing. Kids want to do the adult things that mom or dad are doing and if you do it together, your child may want to copy what you’re doing.

No matter what happens, Capitol Dental in Washington DC wants to help. If you want to ask questions during your child’s next dental visit, we will answer them. If you want us to show you and your child the best technique for brushing, we’ll show you both. Schedule your next appointment with us and one of our outstanding dentists will do everything they can to help.

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