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    Patients CapitolDentalAssociates 2018 19 - Appointment
    Sarah H.

    Totally not what I was expecting!
    The experience I had at Capitol Dental Associates was amazing. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be so smooth! Who would have thought a trip to the dentist could be like this! Glad to finally have found my dental home!
    stars 3 - Appointment

    Patients CapitolDentalAssociates 2018 57 - Appointment
    Ron L.

    I was glad to see they cared.
    I used to hate going to the dentist. It felt like my old dentist just didn’t care about anything but getting me in and out of the chair. It’s not like that here. I was so glad to see that they cared about me.
    stars 3 - Appointment

    Patients CapitolDentalAssociates 2018 164 - Appointment
    Travis B.

    I love how convenient the office is. I was surprised to see how close it was to my office. In fact, I just walk to Capital Dental for all my appointments now! Really convenient. Glad I found them!
    stars 3 - Appointment